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The first project atCentralSaint Martins was called library research. At the beginning we had to choose one practitioner, one material and one process. When we got the sheets, we were totally confused;  did not know what  decision to make and what criteria should be applied.  After short research we checked several artists – their short biography, life-philosophy, and the most specific features of thir artwork. Finally, as the artist of our choice  we  picked Gordon Matta-Clark. As the material we choose the light, because we concluded that this will be the most challenging and resourceful substance to work with.

Light can take lot of different forms and structures. As process we chose ,,hide,,.

At home I  made notes and analyzed all information which we  had found. I tried to look for as many forms of light and things which are related to it: saturation, shadow, contrast, perspective etc. I also made a research about Gordan Matta Clark, and I decided to focus on the entropy process. 

The next day after morning lecture, our group met and tried to define and simplify the term “entropy” to make it workable and useful for our purpose. It was very difficult. We have divided entropy into  two categories; order and disorder, and on these two we based our proposal for the project. We found it difficult to turn our abstract ideas in to real physical objects.

Finally we made a brief outline of our project. We sketched rooms connected by Italian (one way) mirror (like in police interrogation room). In each room we placed prism which would give different rays of light. We also decided that one room will be completely dark . Our assumption was that when a person comes into the light room, he or she will feel safe. But the unexpected  change – entering a dark room - would provoke sudden change of feelings.  

At Monday we have our library slot so our research will probably go deeper. 


First Project



Brief of the project proposal -1 - LIBRARY Research


Natural State


Two rooms are divided by Venetian mirror. Both of them are dark.  There is a person in the first one.


Action 1


  • In the first room colorful lights are turned on. 
  • Lights are soft and gentle. (a person should feel peaceful and secure.
  • A person sees the darkness of the other room but it does not bother him because he is in the better place. 


Action 2 

  • In the first room lights are turned off.  
  • the person is suddenly surrounded by darkness.
  • In the second room lights are turned on (the same character of light). The person sees it through Venetian mirror 
  • He feels frightened 


How our project relates  to Matt Clark’s art


We tried to transfer Matt Clark’s philosophy into a performance.

Two rooms are the metaphor of society. A person who belongs to it feels secure, comfortable and does not suspect that is observed or controlled. However there are lot of factors which have influence on him (represented by different colors of lights).

The Venetian mirror is the metaphor of a hole in destroyed buildings which was often used by Matt Clark in his photography. A person separated from society has completely different point of view. We try to create a feeling of anxiety in minds of people who are in the first room.




Today our group had slot in the library. We wanted to find every kind of information which could be helpful  for our project. I felt we did this, although it was very hard to make the final selection and choose only these essential. After the slot we spent a lot of time working on our project. We tried to make it more clear. Our project was tangled with ideas of every member of our group and  Matt Clark’s philosophy. Everyone sees, hears and interprets differently and one can not stick to his or her idea when somebody else has a better one. We did not want to copy or transform Matt’s philosophy but wanted only to be inspired by it. We made a clear brief, point by point and closed it as one whole. I made some sketches which help me to understand our ideas ( not as single elements but as a process). For me, it is important element. Then the whole group went to the exhibition Transformed Vision and to see how other artists coped with similar problems as we had today.




Today we have presented our first project proposals about practitioner materials and processes. Despite that some students had similar topics, they interpreted them in their own individual way. Everyone dealt with the same problem, but saw different way to solve it – which was the main point if this project. Inquisitive and wide research allow for various projects. They are the starting material – the more we have it, the more elements can be woven into our project, and thus the project becomes more individual.

After presentations I realized how important is the skill of proper illustrating, presenting of ideas or even vague concepts which are born in our mind. In the future I will try more abstract approach in my interpretations. One can experience something, explore it in concentration, with lot of reflections and from many perspectives – still, afterwards you want to pass it to others. Sometimes the best way to communicate is through abstract ideas.

Somehow I have the feeling that my first project was lacking this aspect. 


29/30.09.14 Fashion and Textails-ilustration


Two first days of meeting with fashion were difficult, full of work, little stressful but extremely exiting. From the very beginning, the form and tasks revealed what the class was based on: everything connected with space and a human who has to relate to it and enter it, at the same time answering questions. All tasks in a group are always a big unknown! You do not know what idea each person will initially present. Everything turns out during joint work, and it is then when you learn about their ideas and  how they perceive the problem. Group work is very inspiring experience. I have to admit that my group make extremely good team and communicate well. Joint work thrives. It is important to be constantly open and not cling to your idea, be able to keep it in the right perspective. Only then you can see its weak and strong sides. This is given by the group. You do not hold to your personal view, and all the time discover something new.

Each task performed in strictly limited time makes your motivation and the way of thinking change. Time pressure makes you think more abstractly, briefly. I experienced it especially on the second day, when we spent a lot of time drawing each other. When I have to make a drawing in three minutes I do not think about each line, but try to concentrate on the most important elements. I try to catch the movement, the character of a figure, its expression. Especially when Iamnot allowed to break theline. I like this technique of drawing. From the very beginning it makes the drawing dynamic and with a character. The most difficult for me was drawing  the space in-between figures, so called negative space. It was very difficult to look at a figure and to draw the space it is not in. It is very good exercise, which shows you haw schematic our perception is. For our subconscious the hero is the human figure, not the space between him and others.  


When I see a figure and even if I have to make a fast scatch  of it, I always have points of reference. But not in this case. You have to squint hard and treat the space between figures abstractly. It is easer to draw a block then a space.

The system of working with limited amount of time is very tiring and stressful, but much more effective. This day was more connected with fashion communication then fashion designing. My impression is that all these tasks were more concerned with fashion as abstract phenomenon, fashion as human in space (?). It aimed at freeing our imagination from schematic thinking about it


fashion and Textails-daily shapes

Today we focused on shapes. Each of us had to sketch different shapes around our school. Each sketch had to

be done in different technique. Constant changing of techniques allows to obtain different drawings clarity, not

closing on one kind of line. Then we transformed drowned shapes into three-dimensional forms. It was the base

on which we had to create a costume (it was a work in pairs). We made something quite abstract and crazy. We

did not want our creation to be based on a tranquil, equal forms. Sometimes we improvised and sometimes one

idea fueled the second. The final effect was very difficult to assess. On the one hand we created interesting form;

diverse and abstract (not boring). Shapes ripped from their contexts cited in such density have significant impact

on one another. On the other, however, the whole lacked dynamics. There were moments when looking at our

work it seemed terribly insipid. The problem of items scale was not well played. Small - Big, Empty – Full:

it always reinforces the impression and the form becomes more dynamic. I t could also be played density and

dilution of different attached geometrical forms.

A masking tape has a lot of character. From a purely technical role it changes itself into the means of expression

which sometimes dominates in our creation.

Another option would be to create something more sparing, minimalistic, where more would happen with the

scale and density.

In any case, it was a great exercise to look for so-called clarity. And you can wander on what emotions and

associations are generated by particular shapes. (sketchbook)


G&C - Typography Day 2-Title: Shadow-14.10.14

Seemingly such simple thing as the letters, which we use on daily basis, we tried to turn into something extraordinary, personal. Each of us tried to give them something individual. To no longer be seen only as a way of communication, but rather as the object of design. The problem was haw we can intervene in the letter so it ceased to be simple but did not loose its meaning as a means of communication (what it symbolizes). Inspired a bit by architecture, I tried to give them the most spatial and monumental expression. This gave the opportunity to operate with a shadow what was extremely important for the title and the meaning of work. In the end such word I tried to illustrate.

My intention proved to be too complicated and it was quite difficult to decipher the meaning of the word in the project.  The purpose was to construct the letter in such a way that with the shadow it would built its specific meaning. Therefore the word “shadow” I interpreted visually – it presented its meaning by the cast shadow. It made the final reading of the work much simplified.


G&C - Print


It was The first project in which we worked with a definite matter. At the very beginning, we tried as much as possible to simplify the picture that we had chosen.

The matter in which we were making the stamp requires a lot of skill. In my case, the process of simplification gave lot of dynamic to my work. I always try to take care about this. Exploration  of Stamps techniques gives us opportunity  to play with intensity and texture of color. Overlapping of prints or a little movement of piece of paper creates a slight shift in the image. Simple activities which quickly change expression of an image. To our small prints  we added the background in a very intense red colorI. This was very interesting day for me because we performed completely new action and used new materials. During these kinds of days I learn the most.









Searching for light in the gloomiest place on  the Earth.

Today was the first day when I was observing London as an art object.

I decided to concentrated on its light. For hours I wandered through this
still strange to me city and finally I went into Tate Modern to see and
analyze the influence of light on sculptures.

I think that in 3-D objects light is the most important element. It builds
primal shape, perspective, and adds   shadow - the forth dimension, which
many times creates the final unique result.   But I also saw an exhibit
which was completely different- where everything was almost in total
darkness (lack of light) illuminated only by single strong source of light
or its reflex.  I came to the conclusion that I should try to find the same
elements in urban architecture as it was the most important element in Matt
Clark's compositions and photos). I went for a long walk. I observed how
light operates on different structures and tried to analyze consequences of
this process.  I watched details exposed by light and rough textures
changing into smooth surfaces. I  think that light might be one of the most
important aspect of my future projects. 


13.09.14- photos


Text box


Today I have learnt what a professional research under time pressure is. We  had 30 minutes for 30 ideas and it was something completely new to me. This experiment showed me haw my sensitivity slows down my thinking process. I discovered that time pressure makes me more creative and ingenious.  Each of these 30 ideas could potentially be developed into our final project..

Now I understand that every project is influenced by a lot  factors, some of them are new to me. These factors make us aware, that we can not hold on to only one concept or idea. Even when finally we decide that it is the best one, we always have to impair its value and constantly keep on asking: It is good enough? We spend a lot of time on studying how to present our project and on what elements we have to focus on. To big extent it depends on ones personality and character.

1)Clarity of communication-This is the base.

2)How to hold attention of people to whom you present! This is clue of good presentation

3) Of course you have to believe in what you say, but is it enough?




Today I have looked at London  through two pairs of eyes, because my girlfriend has arrived to visit me. It so much better when you have more that one opinion 

We visited Design Museum, the exhibition  of Louis Kahn The Power of Architecture and John Lewis  -How We Live Today.  They are completely different in climate. Exhibition of Louis Kahn trys to illustrate the idea and thoughts of an architect. It shows his notes, sketches, photos, models as well as recordings from different interviews. Only through these ways of expression a viewer can see how the creative process in this profession looks like. The exhibits are placed in a quite big distance from each other, so it is easier to concentrate on separate objects.

The exhibition of John Lewis has completely different arrangement, which results from the different nature of the theme. It presents  the development of daily use objects like washing machine or vacuum cleaner. Exhibits are displayed close together and a viewer can see the process of growth and change of specific objects. The exhibition has a strong visual impact and its own specific charm due to the beauty and climate of old objects!


Pdp project 25.09.14


Today we focused on shadow and various forms and shapes of it. We interpreted short songs and then we transformed them into drawings and stories. My group got undoubtedly the most difficult song- very rhythmic, dynamic electro (techno or electronic music). The task was to present the song as ,,theater of shadows”.  We all had very similar associations like; industrial landscape, nightmares, fights, robots. We made up a story, which in my opinion, perfectly reflected the mood and the atmosphere of the song. As it turned out, however, it was a little too complicated. We found it very difficult to make smooth changes in props, background, and individual characters. During the presentation at least two scenes were lost, so we improvised, and in my opinion improvisation as well as errors and some chaos which crept into the show illustrated the song even better than our scheduled (prepared?) presentation. Other groups had  much easier task because their songs were mostly slow, lyrical and moody in climate. A very good potion was used by one group; it introduced a narrator for the presentation.This added extra value to the overall expression and made their story easier to understand. 

However, I m not absolutely sure  if it was necessary to lay some kind of narrative for the storytelling. We were expected to  create a theatre of shadows and additional narrative weakens its basic form of expression.

The same result could be achieved only by abstract form, or a human figure attacked  by shadows of different density and rhythm, down to the total darkness.

We could have presented climate and not a story


3DDA BUILD IT 6.10.14

Our task was to build two geometric blocks  and then combine them in one coherent whole. Pity that the blocks were from the same material. In my opinion my group was a little too large. It was really difficult to organize work in such a way that everybody took constantly part in the project. But we came up with the brilliant idea and as the only group did not place the block on the floor but hang it on the wall. The block was large in size, so when hanging on the wall it looked phenomenal and effectively. Positioning it on the wall made it more spacious and it became more monumental.
The most  interesting part of today’s task was adaptation of the block. Everybody in his or her sketchbook was supposed to find functional purpose for the block.  It did not necessarily have to be a building. I decided to turn it into a costume. I  think that large geometric forms combined with proportionately small man give a lot of expression. A man inside it seems to be crashed and overwhelmed. My costume became actually anti-costume – the form which not attractive, which restrains you and pushes you to the ground.
The only correction which I would introduce into our project, would be increase of its dynamics. The winner was contrast between filling fields with white plains and stripes. So the form ceased to be static.


G&C -Fashion Communication Day 1 13.10.14

Today we again measured up with something new. Except that our final work had to be visually interesting, it had also carry a certain definite message. From two word groups we had to pick up two words which will be illustrated or shown. We chose Social and  Matter. Initially we wanted to interpret them using today’s technology – social portals, phone or computer applications like snpachat or instagram. However, we concluded that today’s society is not only just relations between people but everything that surrounds us; what we need to survive, what we depend on, all our goals. We interpreted this word as all materials which enable or help us to move forward and develop, or on the contrary, that will hinder it, like cigarettes or alcohol. We are so caught up in the matter that it often replaces interpersonal relations, so we dared to put a sign of equality between society and matter, even if it is gross overstatement.

Our work shows a man who does not use things which surrounds him, but a man who totally dependent and entangled in them. All this burdens him and hinders every move, until the moment he is completely overwhelmed by them. The impotence to break away from society, lack of individualism are the main features of our hero who attempts to change his situation. Finally there was no drama in the movements, which on the one hand would show more of his suffering, but on the other could undermine the clean message of a man who is trapped. Summing up, I really enjoyed the form of art as a significant reflection of the information status(?). As from the final work of each group, the massage from our seems to me also clear and obvious. Of course not everyone has to agree with it. This is the reflection arising from the discussion in our group. Besides I like spaciousness of our idea and diversity of matters: structure of walls, strings, and biology in the form of a human. Everything is visually attractive. Of course the actor could be better!!! I enjoy creating situations where placing a man in a certain context gives him a specific meaning, builds a clear message. 



Xavier Dolan Mommy




For a long time I have been a faithful fan of Xavier Dolan Mooomy work. In all his films the director continuous a specific dialogue with his mother; starting from “I Killed My Mother” in which he points our all her educational errors, until now in which he gives her his hand in reconciliation. One of the features which I really appreciate is making films about subjects which are close to him and thoroughly explored. In some way each film reflects his life experiences, and he spins a tales based on them and reflections which they generate.    It is like vivisection. In this I see the power of the film, the pressure which for two hours literally stabs us in the armchair. 

Dolan subjects us to the extremely emotional experience. We are stretched between hope and despair; up and down and again up, then down. There is no time for reflection, we are forced to switch off the intellect. The speed of the film, the power of images do not allow for reflections. They come later. In key scenes there are a lot of tight frames, extreme close-ups on the actor’s face to generate even more emotions. You can feel that the beauty of framing does not come from the aesthetic need but appropriate use of means for expression. Dolan knows what he talks about and he knows how to say it. He has something which is called credibility.   












Performing and design practice - atmosphere transformation, interpretation, and abstraction 

we were creating sculptures from objects found in the room. The starting topic for my group was Cold and Anxiety.  

Our project was supposed to be abstract representation of these two feelings.

The creative process was partially based on randomly found objects and partially on 

Intuitive movements of each person. We were surprisingly unanimous as to the form, colors and dynamic of our sculpture. Later, each of us had the task to make a small mock-up. It was a real test of my manual skills.

It is far easer and comfortable to work in a small scale then in a big one.

One has a better point of observation and it is easer to eliminate unnecessary actions.

By watching other students mock-ups, it was much easer for me to see key concepts. It was also easer to interpret small form than a big one in which often completely different things catch your attention. The bigger the form, the more unnecessary factors creep in and hinder your reception. Some works just tempted to be closed in a defined space to see the final resuly.


. A small mock-up has the advantage of easy separation from surrounding,  in other words – getting rid of unnecessary extra contexts, or eliminating “noise”.


 The keyword “cold” is in a sense neutral – does not refer to any emotions unless we create a context. It can have negative connotation (in a physical sense – I went for a walk, did not take a warm jacket ,so I was cold; or emotional – cold touch of somebody who is close to me). But it can have positive meaning –  as in cold in shadow of a tree when the temperature around goes over 30 C.

However the second part of the sentence points to the primary negative association:

cold – anxiety!



Pdp project 23.09.14


When you look at your Project from perspective – there comes a reflection – what could have been done better?

I think that the idea of paper accordion is good. Accordion itself contains movement; compressed can be spread and vice versa.

Cut out triangles made accordion dynamic, which could be intensified by the scale of triangles. If, for example, on the first fold there was a lot of small triangles, then their size would increase and their number would get smaller, until one big cut out on the last fold. The whole system would be more dynamic. I could also use the depth of cut: from a triangle shallow and wide, to narrow at the base but high. 

It was the first reflection I had after today’s task.

And the second;

Why our folded paper had all the way the same width? It could also get narrow or expand in the downward direction!

Using these two possibilities would give more power to our idea! What a pity! The task: - (conclusion)

Good lesson for the future!


3DDA USE IT 7.10.14

Today we focused on the process of creating objects which are being done for a human. Besides that the project has to fulfill client’s requirements, it is additionally restrained by the word “functional”. On the one side it instantly limits creative possibilities, but on the other it forces us to be even more creative. ”Functional” became key word,  something all your ideas are constantly referred to. At least such was my first impression when we were shown the presentation about various iconic chairs. Even the most twisted and bizarre object, still remains a chair. In the end a human is not a part of the final result – as it is in fashion when we show completely non functional creation on a man, a man is ”the final result”. Because when a chair becomes nonfunctional, the whole artistic process of creating it makes no sense. Unless we assume that a chair in not for sitting but for looking at. It was the first individual project, not a group one. Everybody had to invent several ways of remaking the chair he or she was sitting on (all chairs were alike). Inventing new ideas I was all the time looking and coming back to the my starting point. They were from the very beginning targeted and closed. It had to be definitely the chair I was sitting on. I had a very good scale for comparison. A day before the leading theme was architecture totally subjected to a human, but presented in far more abstract way. Only I the end there was adaptation of our blocks as something “for a man”.
In my opinion the most difficult thing in industrial design is the adjusting the idea to functionality – I had a problem with it. The final result satisfied me from the philosophical point of view. A mustache in a way symbolize standpoint of my observation, the process of looking at the surrounding. They certainly should be longer then octopus tentacles investigating reality. Ribbons should result more from the seat and the  backrest and not be merely some fragmentary element glued the chair. My chair did not loose its function – it is still a comfortable seat but its processing symbolizes the idea of a chair as an object from which you see only what is within your sight.

3DDA WEAR IT 9.10.14

Today I measured up with something completely new and unknown – jewelry. I have never paid much attention to such things as necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Except maybe two holes in my ear made at night in one of Warsaw’s parks. But I would not call it the art of decorating my body. I was rather contesting  something. I even do not remember what and why. Maybe it was just a whim? My idea how jewelry design class may look like was totally wrong. I was expecting a threading pieces of amber on a thong. And here is a surprise. A man in the context of scaled up bracelets and necklaces. Earrings created from Chinese dumplings, which at the slightest movement of the model break down. Everything, only not what I imagined. My first impression was quite positive. No restrictions. As it turns out the claim “anything as long as it is not boring” became the biggest restriction. After doing a couple of sketches in which you could come up with what you want, the processing of drawing into the special form began. For me jewelry has always been a form which complimented a costume. Such as placing a dot at the end of a sentence. It should attract attention. I decided to impose some limitations on myself. What deters also attracts our attention. Moreover, what deters attracts our attention more then what is pleasing to the eye from the aesthetic point of view or what should compliment a costume. And here the problem began. Haw to invent jewelry without a costume or a context. It can only be turned out into a hero, a costume! My jewelry is provocative, offensive.

It says: “I am not a compliment, not a dot at the end of a sentence. Here, I am the most important”



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